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Aquatic Vision, LLC: Eco-Friendly Aquatic Resource Support


Invasive Aquatic Plant Removal

Our methods are herbicide free for control of aquatic invasives. We employ every technique available, from the tried and true hand-pulling methods to diver-assisted mechanical and suction harvesting. From the time the first gardeners planted for harvest, weeds have been a problem. Gardeners first handpulled their weeds, then they moved to technological advances that made work easier.


Our methods include:

  • Surveying: to determine where and how much to remove.
  • Hand-Pulling: using SCUBA divers, snorklers, boaters, and walkers as appropriate to your budget and your desired level of control.
  • Education and Outreach: to minimize re-infestation rates.


For more heavily infested areas, we use a more aggressive approach: 

  • The DASH boats can be used in conjunction with any of the other methods